Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Ode To Spring

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I had the most glorious spring day. You know the type of day where you have nothing to do but sample what the sun and the air and the colors of the earth have put on display. It was as if I awakened from a cold, brown dream to find my yard dressed for a holiday.
Unknown Grass Blossoms
Unknown Grass Blossoms

So I went for a stroll and sat amongst the wildflowers. Intent, I listened as a distant mockingbird sang and sang and sang, his sweet trill joining chorus with the peep-peep of smaller warblers, the knock of a woodpecker, and the far away cry of an eagle.

The sun put on its gentle side and held hands with the breeze to caress my face.


In those moments I became as the flowers were. Underneath an effervescent blue sky, the flowers and I sank into the soil, softly turning our faces in the direction of the wind. United, we paused and watched the world swirl around us.

Tiny insects crawled and climbed animated by the warmth and light. A few early flying creatures flitted by, spinning from flower to flower in celebration.


In peace I sat there. Things were so alive. Moving and growing and blossoming, somehow when I wasn't paying attention, life had aroused from its slumbers and begun a great work.

Flatwood Plum Blossoms
Flatwoods Plum Blossoms

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