Sunday, August 2, 2009

Video: Trapeze

When I heard this song, I knew what video I wanted to create. The images used were all taken during the month of July 2009, when I was fortunate to have dozens of monarch butterflies in my flowerbeds. As happens to me a lot, I awakened early one morning and saw them in the video. I saw the symbolism between the images and the words to the song. But when I sat down to put it all together, I was unsure at first exactly what " look" I wanted. I in effect started in one direction but ended up in another. This video is the end result, and I hope you'll watch it.

You can also watch it both at You Tube ( or at Photodex ( The Photodex version is clearer but will require installation of the Photodex Presenter for viewing. I believe it's worth that.

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